Gordon & Dave Roberts are brothers who are seasoned songwriters / musicians from Brisbane. They are originally from Melbourne where they sowed their oats working in bands in clubs and pubs
and doing supports for all of the major OZ acts at the time.


Dave has toured both nationally and internationally. He has had 3 solo albums and “ASHES TO WATER” won Queensland Recording Association album of the year in 2000. He has worked with members of
the Little River Band, The Screaming Jets and many other stalwarts of the OZ music industry.


Gordon has mainly been song writing and recording. They have also collaborated and written over 200 songs together. They did make the finals of “Music OZ” 2013 & 14 with G & D Roberts
compositions, crazy as it seems they have never  released any of their music commercially.

Their “NEW” EP is called “To The Edge”

It Comprises 4 songs they have written and recorded for the first time together.

(1)       A Good Son – Was written about and for
their aged mother. It is an emotional song about her as they contemplate her death

(2)       To The Edge – Was written about the severe drought in Queensland interior and the emotional stress it has called both physically and mentally. The song was inspired by a farmer who they saw in an interview. He said he had been “to the edge” and back again

(3)       I Can’t Complain - Was written about how a good family life with a good wife and happy and healthy children is all the wealth you need.

(4)       A Good Decision – Was written about a couple who have an intense argument however  “a good decision” was to calm down and resolve the issue peacefully.



Gordon & Dave

Contact Dave Roberts on 0467 890 100
and email  [email protected]