The album is a classic story of life and its many journeys.  It has been produced by a multi QRA award winning legend  Quote: ‘This is by far the biggest album I have had the pleasure to work on.

The production and songs have left me feeling inspired‘. The album has included the talents of a string quintet to paint a picture of songs such as: “ THE AUSTRALIAN DREAM ” A song which will make anyone feel proud to be an AUSTRALIAN. ‘HEAVEN WITH THE LIGHTS ON’ a song about the passing away of a loved one; ‘TAKE NO PRISONERS’ a view of the world in political crisis.


The guitar work is intricate and the licks  capture the moment and express his feelings at the right time.  The vocals are unique and pass through soft story telling to hard rock that compliments the mood of the time.


Queensland Recording Association Awarded, the album



and was also nominated for:




“The Cold Light Of Day”

My second independent release.

Two years construction of classic lifestyle tales.

The former QRA album of the year winner, his latest work is an eclectic array of musicianship and experiences which have combined and can be heard in the first single release

” Blood On The Moon”

a true story about never losing sight of your dream no matter what events may occur that try to knock you off your path.

The follow up is a hard edged true story about a mate. No matter how much you care for someone eventually there comes a time when you have to let go. This is the album title track

“The Cold Light Of day”

with my hard edged vocals and crying harmonies, the full wall of  guitars and haunting flute solo  will take you on the journey, you can feel the pain.

There are 13 tracks on the album each with their own individual story telling and performance.

My song writing style is wide and varied and this is apparent with this the album.

There are songs to sing around the barbie, like a little ditty called “The Long Weekend” and songs the reflect hardship and tragedy like the soaring ballad “ Hero”.

Truly a startling “Australian” songwriters and performers


"Hero" has been requested by the Queensland Premiers Department, to be used as the theme song for the FLOODLINES exhibition ,currently on at the State Library of Queensland.


Have a listen !!!

The Cold Light Of Day

Blood On The Moon

9 Hours


Midnite Train